About Us

Bosporus Freight Forwarding has built up a solid business in European and international freight forwarding over a very short space of time since 2005. We are proud to say our reputation has grown almost overnight as a company providing a wide range of premium freight forwarding services as well as economy freight forwarding.

Our Passion for Freight!

We are passionate about our freight forwarding business and it shows. Our customers are partners more than anything else and it’s what has made our business strong.

Freight Forwarding Business Built on Excellence

May we point out that while our prices are extremely competitive, they are not the lowest you’ll find. We aim to provide excellence in service and for this reason we don’t cut corners—so we don’t offer rock bottom rates. We know our customers want top quality, reliable excellence in freight forwarding services before they want to cut prices. If you’re tempted to try out someone cheaper, remember that many of our customers came to us with freight forwarding horror stories, which we were thankfully able to turn around for them.

Premium Freight Forwarding Services You Can Trust!

So if you want premium freight forwarding services from a company you can trust, and if you’d like to save precious time for doing what you do best, contact us today.

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